Ross Palmer, MD

I hold an MD from the University of Arizona, Tucson, where I was recognized for my commitment to underserved populations. During my psychiatry residency at UC San Diego, I ranked first among 58 residents in clinical psychiatry and neurology exams.

My experience includes extensive work with active-duty military and veterans, including a year in Iraq as a contractor for the US Army and Marine Corps, and roles at the VA and Aurora Behavioral Healthcare San Diego, focusing on mood disorders and substance abuse.

I specialize in peripartum and women’s mental health, having completed an internship at UCSD, and in the pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy (ERP) of OCD, backed by another UCSD internship. Additionally, I have advanced training in psychodynamic psychotherapy and PTSD.

I am board-certified in psychiatry, licensed in California, and an active member of several psychiatric and medical associations. My engineering background informs my research in AI for medical documentation generation.

Katie Brandi, MA

Katie joined the clinic in April 2023 as Dr. Palmer’s assistant. Katie is a highly educated professional, holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology with a minor in Solidarity and Social Justice earned from Gonzaga University and a Master of Arts degree in Sociology earned from San Diego State University. During her academic journey, Katie acquired advanced knowledge and refined her analytical skills, allowing them to contribute to urban and health inequalities research. In addition to working as Dr. Palmer’s assistant, Katie is excited to continue social science, health, and urban research.  Katie also teaches Sociology courses at Gonzaga University.


With an uncertain lineage but a surplus of heart, Gordon emigrated from the streets of Tijuana to take a position as clinic mascot. His skills and talents include eating, napping, playing, and taking Dr. Palmer’s shoes.


My patients rated me 4.8/5.0 on, and 4.8/5.0 on Google.

“Dr Palmer is a great doctor. He communicates well and seems to have genuine compassion for his patient. My life is better as a direct result of Dr Palmer’s care.” – MM

“Exceptionally professional, prepared, and timely. An outstanding doctor!” – JR

“Dr. Palmer has been great so far. Very kind and a great listener. We have already recommended him.” – AJ

“Dr. Palmer was timely, genuinely interested and thoughtful. It was my first visit and I was immediately at ease. Highly recommended.” – BG

“Thorough, honest and compassionate. Took time to respond to my questions. I’m very comfortable with Dr. Palmer.” – BG

“Dr. Palmer is very professional and caring. My first session, the doctor was more helpful then other psychiatrist I have been to. If you want good care, respect, getting back to things you love, please see Dr. Ross Palmer. The very best!” – GK